Sunday, February 27, 2011

Page 9


  1. I really like the effect you have at the bottom. It has the feel of like one of those Brian DePalma split shots where something is in extreme close-up but the other half is another subject just out of focus.

    I'm such a sucker for those shots. 'Split diopter' is the technical term for it, I believe.

  2. s'great.
    Have to steal some of your color usage. It's
    not something you notice or are distracted by (which you shouldn't be) but closer examination reveals how fantastic it is.

  3. Thanks guys!!!
    So glad you are diggin' it. It's been tough to pull this thing together, but it's starting to pick up.
    @Jason- yeah, I thought "fetch" could create some interesting narratives. We think of the word "fetch" as something we tell our dogs, or insubordinate...a command. So the question is created who command's these beings? Also "fetch" is sorta thought of as a "game"...are these beings aware that this is no game? Their target could be far more dangerous than they perceive.
    I thought the simple word "fetch" conjures imagery, and meaning that can imply more than a simple command/game but a whole narrative of the opening scene.

    @Adrian- Yes, I took a chance with the focus there. Normally I don't like to use blur effects, or lense flare effects...but I've already broken my own rules in the first few I guess that means anything goes :)

    @Tim- I've be lucky so far, most of my first attempts at the colors have been very distracting, and I re-start the coloring, and get them better on my second effort. So far there haven't been any major coloring disasters. The simpler I keep it the better. I want it to be a balance between simple/organized and painterly/experimental...hopefully creating something different.

    Thanks guys!!!